Cornish Cottage Garden

azealea-Cottage-GardenSituated behind the lodge, the Cornish Cottage Garden contains many small plants backed with shrubs – a real cottage garden combination of herbaceous, bulbs, shrubs, trees, ferns and climbers.

Colour plays an important part in gardens and the beds have been planted with this in mind. Spot the statues around the Cottage Garden.

There are two water features one with ornamental fish and a second smaller pond which is so the rare newts can breed safely away from the koi carp and goldfish. Bordering the pond are plants that enjoy a damp environment including deep red astilbes, pale iris and hostas.

Don’t Miss

  • Spring Scent – seek out the fernery, just off the cottage garden, has two trees of daphne that fill the air with a delightful, overpowering scent. There are plenty of seats enticing visitors to sit and contemplate upon the peaceful nature of the surroundings.
  • Summer colour – Discover the water feature with it’s deep purple iris and pure white zantedescdias with koi carp and goldfish.

colourful cottage garden copy