Old Garden


P1140029After entering the main gate you move down the serpentine red brick path to a bridge which is intertwined with white scented wisteria.

In the pond beneath the bridge you can see koi carp and goldfish and, if you are lucky, a kingfisher diving for his dinner.

The large boulders in the cascades were surface granite from Luxulyan, a nearby village. The water is recycled by a large pump situated under the bridge to feed the cascades and to oxygenate the water. You can then enter the top woodland paths by turning right once over the bridge, up three steps and then bear right again.

In early spring you will encounter azaras which have the sweet scent of vanilla, berberis, abelias, michelias, syringas and many more trees and shrubs. This is where a lovely horse statue rests amid two tetrapanax which, in time, will tower over him.

Watch for the lovely pseudowintera along the path before entering the next garden.

225 old garden IMG_0948_The horse_By Roger Fleet