The Courtyard


2015-12-08_PinetumWinter_PT#52The courtyard provides a pleasant outdoor seating area, cafe and shop.
There are numerous plants available to purchase.

The Spice Stones, erected in the centre of the courtyard in the form of an abstract statue, were an extremely generous gift from P & O, the world famous shipping line. They had been used to grind spices at Butler’s Wharf , on the banks of the Thames – very near to Tower Bridge – for hundreds of years.
They became redundant when the land they occupied was to be used for construction purposes and P & O donated them to the Gardens.

The paviours laid around the Spice Stones and, indeed, the whole courtyard , Ray obtained from Lancashire where they had been used , again for hundreds of years, as flooring in cotton mills. Altogether, they make quite a splendid sight.