The Soul Bird

soul-bird-pointingThe story of the Soul bird has a simple message:

Deep within every one of us lives a Soul bird, a creature who has thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Our Soul Bird is from the book by Michal Snunit, first published in Hebrew in 1985. She takes the concept of a mystical bird where many emotions and feelings are represented by drawers within us.

Our artist Sam Knowles, has interpreted the text for us with his owl-like bird illustrations. Grateful thanks go to Parc Signs Ltd. for their creative implementation of the concept.

This story book has been interpreted into twenty five different languages and evidence exists of references to a mystical Soul Bird in Persian and Egyptian literature.

soul-bird-danceAlong the Soul Bird trail there are opportunities for the whole family to have some fun and involvement. There is much more to be discovered. Follow the trail through the secret garden and out, down, beyond the pine trees and into the Soul Bird hideaway.